TR-3 Black Manta

The TR-3 Black Manta is a revolutionary concept in aviation. The TR-3 Black Manta is a 200 foot wide triangle shaped flying craft that can travel in the Earth’s atmosphere and in space, well beyond the Earth.


The TR-3 Black Manta is propelled by a Mercury Plasma Field Engine. A large engine is mounted in the center of the craft and smaller engines are mounted at the far corners of the triangle.

The entire craft is made of Carbon fiber, with aluminum super-structure. This is required in order to avoid magnetic interference with engine produced torsion fields.

The crew seating and cockpit are placed around the center engine Torus. This allows the crew to be within the Torsion field. This renders the crew weightless and unaffected by the normal effects of gravity and inertia. Crew members will not suffer from any G-forces produced by the craft as long as they remain within the Torsion field.




The TR-3 Black Manta is powered by RTG- Nuclear Batteries. 200 batteries supply all the electric power for every system on board, including life support, ship power, engine needs, and computer systems.

The TR-3 Black Manta is constructed entirely of Carbon Fiber and machined aluminum. A cross frame of aluminum is covered with carbon fiber components. The large carbon fiber sections are cured in a large heated conclave that cures the large pieces under a vacuum.


The TR-3 Black Manta uses steam powered thrusters at all 3 corners for orientation in space. The steam is generated by a electric heated compression chamber and then channeled to the thruster nozzles. A joystick controls the release of steam jets to provide precise steering in space. Main propulsion for space travel is provided by the Mercury Plasma Field Engines. The engines can repel the craft away from the Earth’s gravity at great distances. In the vacuum of space the craft can generate high rates of speed by the repelling force. All for engines can be focused for maximum repulsion. This can produce speeds of 30,000 plus miles per hour.


crew members are able to conduct operations in an Earth like environment. The craft is very quite and makes little sound. Up close it emits a hushed white noise like water running from a faucet. At thirty yards it is silent. In the crew cabin the sound levels are on par with the cabin of a commercial airliner. The TR-3 Black Manta is essentially a flying submarine. The craft carries all the necessary component equipment to generate oxygen, scrub carbon monoxide, recycle fresh water, cool and heat the crew area to a comfortable 72 degrees at all times and in any environment, From -200 F to +300F. The craft can travel at 1200 miles per hour in atmosphere and Mach 9+ in space.

The forward travel is created when a combination of power levels are applied to the Torus Drive Engines. The only limiting speed factor in the atmosphere is the heat on the outer skin. The engines could push the craft to destruction by causing it to burn up. Once in the higher altitudes, 100,000 feet and up, it can accelerate to Mach 9+.

Computer controlled rotation of Mecury Ferro fluids and Field patterns. The upper Torus moves up or down changing the focus of the magnetic field propulsion.


Basic Design of the Dual Mercury Torus Propulsion System.

Below: Carbon Fiber Torus Structure with Gold wire windings placed Integral to the structure. Each band of windings is a separate electro-magnet that can be turned on and off by a computer program. The Mercury –Ferro fluid inside Is accelerated to great speeds by the switching on and off of the electro magnets that circle the Torus. Carbon Fiber Torus vessel with encased electro magnet windings. These multi channel windings allow a computer program to accelerate the Mercury Ferro fluid around the inside of the Torus at tremendous speeds.

Mercury Fluid, the base element of the Ferro Magnetic fluid that is accelerated in a circular motion inside the Torus vessel.

Ferro Magnetic material consisting of Nano Iron particles is blended with the Mercury to form a highly magnetic material that can be accelerated within the Torus Vessel by the banded electro magnets that encase the Torus. The fluid is rotated in opposite directions in the upper and lower vessels.


Flow of electromagnetic energy about the Torus Vessel. The vessel is maintained at 0 atmospheres. The Ferro/Mercury is moving through a complete vacuum. This reduces the neeed to move in air and eliminates the resistance the air would cause.

Example of Gold wire windings of the Torus vessels. The windings encased in the Carbon Fiber vessel are made from gold and transfer the highest possible magnetic Energy to the Mercury Ferro fluid inside the Torus vessel.

Double Magnetic field created from counter rotating Mercury Torus Drive. This field creates a Gravity cancelling effect. At the center of this magnetic field gravity is interrupted. The interruption of earth’s gravity field allows the the TR-3 Black manta to rise and travel on a plane of gravity. Double Toroidal Vortex, atom structure theory


(200 ) RTG Nuclear Batteries provides all electrical power needs for engines, life support and Hydrogen fuel production. These batteries are currently in use in a wide variety of spacecraft and military equipment.


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