About Me



As a child i was aways fascinated with the stars. I would look up and wonder is there life out there. The very first time i looked up i was sitting next to my mom and sharing with her my first findings of the Big Dipper. I dont know why that set of stars caught my attentions but it started my curiosity. Reading books in the library about planets outside our solor system and beyond the galaxy as well as milatary Blackbird project planes and Top Secret United States flying saucers that have tremendous capability. Growing up i became aware there is alot of knowledge waiting to be read and learned about. From Ancient Egypt mysteries ,Ufo, Paranormal activities, and unexplained files, also Technology the list goes on and on. I enjoy the articles as i come across them and sharring them with my friends and family.I like to say Ty to those that take the time to read my common interest of stories i follow.